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Our invertebrates are the only venomous things we have, they are not allowed to be held by viewers and aren't removed from their cages..

We don't know exactly what species of tarantula this is, it is a rescue. This is the only spider that can be taken out of his cage and only when my older son is helping with the shows since he can hold him.

Aragog - Goliath Bird Eating Spider
Aragog is currently a young spider, but when he is an adult he will be the size of a dinner plate! Goliath Bird Eating Spiders hold the world record for the largest spider. They can have an 11" leg span and weigh almost half a pound. They are also aggressive so ours never comes out of his cage.

Vietnamese Centipede
Centipedes are fast and use fangs to inject venom into prey insects before eating them. Due to their aggressive nature and fast movement, ours never comes out of his cage.
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