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Godzilla - Green Iguana
At 6ft long, Godzilla (Ghodi) is our largest lizard. We adopted him in May 2008 from a family that could no longer care for him. His age is unknown, is very friendly and loves attention. RIP - Godzilla passed away on 7/30/12. You will be missed.

Gollum - Blue Tongue Skink
We got Gollum early 2007 when he was 8 months old. He looks like a fat snake with little legs and is about 18 inches long. Gollum is very calm, friendly and loves to be held. When he "smells" he sticks out his very blue tongue.

Cosmo - Male Leopard Gecko
Victor is one of 4 Leopard Geckos that we currently have. All of them were adopted from owners who could no longer care for them. Victor and his wife Wanda are the smaller of the 4

Harvey - Male Bearded Dragon
Harvey is my newest beardie - got him 4/08 when he was only about 3 inches long. He is now almost 7 inches long. He is an orange morph - very pretty.

Oscillated Skink
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