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The following are reptiles that are not currently available or ready for shows. Some may be new arrivals that are just too young. Others are just not used to human contact. Sometimes a reptile that's normally used in shows will become unavailable due to things like pregnancy or health reasons.

Black and White Tegu
This beautiful guy was bought in Nov 2008 and is about 1ft long. However he is not yet used to being held so is not yet available for shows.

Kiera - Female Western Hog Nose
Bought from the Hamburg PA reptile show in August 2008. This little girl is only around 5 inches long and like a little worm. She will be available for shows when she gets bigger and calms down a bit

Wanda - Female Leopard Gecko
We purchased Wanda at the reptile show in Hamburg in June 08 as a mate for Cosmo. She was only a few months old. She has some orange on her and is very pretty. Most of the time Cosmo and Wanda will be found curled up together in their hut.

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