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Rescues and Adoptions

Do you have a reptile or Amphibian that you can no longer care for or no longer want? If so, read below for information on letting us adopt your animal or help you find a loving family for it. This is a free service, and reptiles or amphibians being given up must be free.

Giving a reptile or amphibian to us

Although we would love to take in every unwanted reptile to give it a caring home and good life, but we can't due to lack of available space. So whether or not we will take an unwanted reptile depends on its species and size.

If we decide to take a reptile, its as simple as us picking it up. Whether or not it comes with a cage or other items is up to you. But its always nicer when it comes with a cage.

Helping find a loving home for your reptile or amphibian

If we cannot take a reptile that you no longer want, we will help you find a home for it. We are active members in several online communities of reptile and amphibian lovers, breeders, and rescue operators - some of which may willingly accept a reptile that is no longer wanted (see below).

For this we will need several things from you:

  • Pictures of the reptile or amphibian. Best if you let us come in and take some pictures of it so people can know its current condition, health, and size.
  • how often it is fed and what it eats
  • what is included (if a cage, food, etc will come with it)
  • your email address and/or phone number

After we get all the info, we will make it available to other community members and if one of them contacts us wanting it, we can give them your information so they can get in touch with you to find out a good time to pick it up.

Reptile and Amphibian Rescues

Below is a list of rescues you can contact: (please note that these are non-profit organizations and will sometimes have fees on giving an animal to them)

Societies and rescues in PA: http://www.anapsid.org/societies/penn.html

Snails & Tails Exotic Pet Rescue: http://www.scalesandtails.org/

Green Iguana Society: http://www.greenigsociety.org/rescue.htm

Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary: (Lancaster area) http://www.forgottenfriend.org/

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