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No need for you to go anywhere, I bring everything to you. I will meet you and your group at your home or business.

I will need about 15 minutes to set up. I bring my own table and also a floor covering - just in case of any mishaps - it happens occasionally and I wouldn't want your floor soiled.

Please have any food served either before or after the reptile show. For sanitary reasons, I ask that the audience not snack during the program.

I will present each reptile and explain a little about them, their care, history and any other interesting info.

After all the reptiles have been shown, the audience will have the opportunity to touch/pet a few of them and also pose for pictures if they wish.

I have a supply of hand sanitizer for everyone to use after touching the reptiles if a restroom is not readily available.

Each child will receive a gift bag.

And the birthday child will also receive a special gift (don't worry, it's not alive).

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